Meet Doc Baker

In 1887 a West Philadelphia druggist named John Baker became the 166th licensed by Pennsylvania to dispense medications. He later established the first pharmacy in White Haven, Luzerne County, to support local doctors and the community with his reliable formulations.

Doc Baker passed Baker's Old Reliable drug store on to Harry C.Jacoby in 1939, and in his turn Dr. Jacoby sold Jacoby's Dtug Store to pharmacist Michael A. Greco in 1954. Operating White Haven Drug on the same principles of reliability and concern for his patron's needs that had been hallmarks of Doc Baker's service, over the years Michael and his son Angelo, also a pharmacist, grew a single drug store into a small family of independent, personal-service-oriented apothecaries in northeastern Pennsylvania.

The Doc Baker's name was revived in 1999 by Greco Enterprises Health Care Company to represent pure food supplements as well as tradition medicines. Focusing on "food as medicine," in time Angelo grew his commitment to sustainable farming practices and fresh, wholesome food into Doc Bakers Farmulations - bringing delicious, highly nutritious plant-based beverages and food creations to Central Bucks.

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Delivering to Philly and Philly Burbs including Princeton Area.